Zooma 7-29

This guitar is a good example of what I mean by the term "custom built".

Based on the Zooma: 7 strings, Hipshot Piezo-Trem, no locking nut – but amazingly stable tuning! 29 frets, easily accessible up to the highest positions, pickup selection and electrics according to personal specs. The same of course applies to the wood and the finish. Light overall weight in spite of the additional mass.

A statement in itself.

Our verdict: "Objective achieved!"

  • Body: Swietenia mahagony
  • Neck: curly maple, quartersawn, 2 carbon rods for reinforcement, 2-way adjustable truss rod
  • Fingerboard: ebony, shell dot-inlays, fluorescent sidemarkers.
  • Compound Radius: 380 mm/15“ (1.fret) auf 480 mm/19“ (29.fret)
  • Frets: 29, stainless steel, 2.7/ 2.3/ 2.0 mm
  • Scale: 25.5“, 648 mm, compensated nut position
  • Body-neck joint: direct 6x bolt-on
  • Gears: Schaller M6 locking with cylinder wings
  • Tremolo: Hipshot "US Contour" w/ "Ghost" piezo elements,
    custom made 7-string
  • Pickups: neck> Bare Knuckle „The Sinner“, bridge> Bare Knuckle „Warpig“, 7 Piezo elements inside saddle pieces
  • Electrical set up: passive > 1 master volume, 3-way toggle for coil pickups (also aktive)
    active > 1 master vol., select piezo w/ coil pick ups / piezo only,
    piezo tone controle, 3-way toggle for coil pick ups
  • Finish: body - black pearl, neck - charcoal glaze
  • Overall weight: 3.150 Gramm
  • Set-up: plek