Test Reviews

Excerpts from a test review in "Gitarre & Bass" magazine #10/2014: The Reefer

" … Why is it, that this guitar feels so incredibly good as soon as you pick it up? Perhaps it's that woody feel? Or the perfect setup? The compound radius? Of course, it's all of those things. And when you add The Reefer's extraordinary tonal qualities into the mix, then you can't help feeling really good about the instrument"

"... The quality of the workmanship on The Reefer is beyond all doubt. The handling is warm and natural, the frets are perfectly dressed, the setup is magnificent and the components first class."

" … The sound of this guitar is unbelievably "exact" and reminds me of nothing less than a piano... that really is unusual."

" … After all this we are of course dying to hear what the amplified sound is like. On my Fender amp the guitar is loud and clear, with a slightly hoarse, scratchy timbre produced by the Bender P-90 type pickups.... that is the typical P-90 sound, offered here in its most perfect form."

".... If the active circuit is switched on, it's as if a curtain has been lifted, revealing high frequencies and a degree of transparency, that a passive circuit could never give! Alternatively, both circuits can be used together."

" … An active circuit has been developed which serves, rather than dominates, both the guitar and the amp it's connected to. Wonderful!... The two master volumes and the gain knob permit limitless dynamic and continually adaptable settings. It's an idea you have to get used to, and which is as unusual as the guitar itself ..."

"Jörg Kuhlo has succeeded in turning a spectacular idea into reality. His "The Reefer" from the new Driftwood Series is a rare find in a sea of guitars old and new. It is driftwood, washed up on the shore, in the service of a new way of thinking about sound. With the excellent interplay of its components and a concept that inseperably unites functionality, playability and tone, The Reefer looks ready to set new standards."

"... Thank you so much!"

Test report: Heinz Rebellius / Translation: Mike Hembury

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