Nova 24

The Nova 24 (24-fret version) was conceived parallel to the Zooma and contains much the same essential design features.

The shorter scale corresponds approximately to Gibson's 625 mm/24.625" standard.

Katalox wood looks very similar to wenge, but is even harder, with finer pores. Ideal for fingerboards.

The Bender humbucker pickups have a high output with a warm, well-defined tone. They are custom-made by the famous Berlin guitar electro-technician and Kuhlo Guitars/PlekHaus team member Michael Bender.

Like the Zooma, the Nova 24 is equipped with stainless steel frets in 3 different widths. The aim here being to provide optimal haptics and playability in the higher playing positions.

Like all my guitars, the Nova has a built-in fingerboard fall-off of 50 (a plek-internal logarithmic value).
This means that the ftretboard is flattened from the 12th fret up, so there is a minimal increase in distance between the strings and the following frets. The result is an avoidance of fret-buzz/fret-out in high positions with ever closely spaced frets, without recognizably leaving the overall linear action.

  • Body: swamp ash with aspen burl top
  • Neck: curly maple, head plate with aspen burl top, 2-way adjustable trussrod
  • Fretboard: Katalox, shell inlays
  • Frets: 24, stainless steel 2.7/ 2.5/ 2.3 mm
  • Scale: 629 mm, 24.8"
  • Neck-body joint: direct 6x bolt-on
  • Bridge: ABM 3256, brass, body through string mount
  • Gears: Kluson/Schaller w/cylinder keys
  • Pickups: Bender HB Custom
  • Electric setup: 1 master volume, 3-way toggle,
    Piuckups individually switchable to serial or parallel
  • Finish: light amber
  • Overall weight: 2,700 gr.
  • Set Up: plek©