Rawhide Contour Indian Summer with Bigsby

Here you get a heavy type with beautifully figuered, strongly contoured ash body. Its warm yet brilliant sound makes it a rather untypical Rawhide. Something special and maybe unexpected.

  • 21 stainless steel frets
  • Scale: 648 mm, 25.5"
  • Body: US swamp ash, wax finish "Indian Summer"
  • Neck: one piece US maple, silk gloss varnish
  • Gears: Gotoh, slit shaft
  • Bridge: "Mastery Bridge"
  • Trem system: Bigsby B5
  • Electric set up: neck - Amber '59 Crosspoint, bridge - Amber Tele Vintage T, extended circuit (push/pull for HB - in series/parallel)
  • Set Up: plek